25 Nov


I have just picked up 5 nearly new / used laptops in great condition, from a pile of around 50 laptops. I have:-

  • 3 x HP EliteBook 840 G3 (14″ screen, Intel i5 processor)
  • 2 x HP EliteBook 850 G4 (15.6″ screen, Intel i5 processor)

They are in very good to excellent condition and are proper laptops with good processors,not AMD’s or Celeron’s, most have 8GB RAM and all with the quality you expect from HP. Prices range from £300 to £550. Email me ASAP because they won’t be around for very long. Let me know your preference of screen size and your budget.

HP EliteBook 840 (14″ screen)


HP EliteBook 850 (15.6″ screen)